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A photo recap of Colliers 2016 charitable initiatives…

At Colliers International | West Michigan, our goal is to raise the level of philanthropy within our company by supporting charities that our professionals and clients are passionate about. We give our people the freedom and highly encourage everyone to support the groups that are important to their friends, families and community.

Listed below are the organizations we’ve proudly chosen to represent in 2016.

Angels of Hope is an all volunteer foundation committed to making a difference in the lives of Michigan children and those who love and care for them as they battle cancer. Cancer impacts the entire family and Angels of Hope seeks to support such families in many aspects of daily life.

Our Wall of Hope is designed specifically to honor those who are currently battling or who have previously battled cancer. The next time you’re in our office, we ask that you take a moment to reflect upon the names and faces of those being honored. If you’d like to join us in this movement and add a name or photo to our wall, please email Kalena Meeker for additional information.

Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF)

The Inner City Christian Federation is a non-profit corporation whose leadership is motivated, and programs shaped by: its belief that all people deserve safe, clean, affordable housing.

In line with Colliers’ core values, ICCF believes housing is a vital need and is an important building block for families and communities. ICCF works diligently to provide high quality, affordable housing and services for those in need, and in doing so, the organization works with others toward the realization of a healthy, vibrant community.

In appreciation of ICCF’s dedication to the West Michigan community, the employees of Colliers International | West Michigan worked together and were able to make a significant donation in effort to help support the opportunity for others to grow and thrive.

Ele’s Place — A Healing Center for Grieving Children & Teens

Before coming to Ele’s Place, many grieving children feel alone and keep their feelings inside, not wanting to burden their parents or other family members. Often, friends don’t seem to understand if they haven’t had a similar experience, but each week at Ele’s Place, hundreds of grieving children and teens find a warm and welcoming place to meet new friends who really understand how they feel while they begin to heal after the death of a loved one.

Our community outreach committee recently encouraged our staff and their families to choose an item off of Ele’s Place’s wish list. Within a month’s time, Colliers was able to fulfill their “wishes” by successfully donating every item on their list.

Humane Society of West Michigan assists over 8,000 animals annually and is 100% donor-funded. Caring individuals and businesses in our community support their mission to rescue hurt, abused and abandoned animals and find them a new forever home.

Many of our employees have adopted a member of their family from the Humane Society, and have encouraged others to do so by volunteering at their annual Bark in the Dark 5-K. A total of 20 Colliers employees and family members (dogs included) participated in this year’s event.

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County believes that when the broad community is engaged in addressing the urgent need for adequate, affordable housing, we all become less vulnerable and more resilient. In bringing people together, Habitat Kent practices a philosophy of “a hand up, not a handout,” and builds on existing community assets: financial, physical, natural, human, social and spiritual.

In effort to support the families of West Michigan, Colliers employees are motivated by Habitat’s ongoing commitment and are encouraged annually to donate a day of their time to better engage with their teammates and work together with other members within the community.

We believe engaging with a variety of non-profits and other local organizations is a vital part of our success story, and take value in the day to day operations of each and every affiliation who cares to give back.

Giving back is an essential part of who we are. In addition to donating our time, talents and resources to causes that are meaningful to all, we’re also deeply committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices that keep our communities healthy while supporting the long-term success of business.

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