Circle the Wagons: Day 14

So this week has been a huge game of catch up. After being sick for a solid week I’ve had to make up tests and quizzes galore and it’s been a beautiful mess.

I’ve done well diet wise. I had a burger Tuesday with friends, and today I had lean cuisine for dinner so it’s not spotless but overall I’m doing well.

On another hand, I had my ritalin prescription for the first time since November. On one hand my productivity sky rocketed and I’m considering going back to them for the remainder of the semester, but tonight, after they wore off I’ve been reminded of the side effects. When they wear off I feel immobile and don’t have the urge to do anything but sit. I don’t know if it’s due to the poor rest I’ve been getting this week, or if the readmission of the drugs in my system has already made me feel like I need them to be productive. It’s a huge dilemma if that is the case because I can either be mediocre productivity wise, or return to high and low gear functions like I was when I was on the pills this past year. I don’t know how to go about it. All I know is that relying on caffeine and what not has proven to be an unpredictable source of energy/work motivation.

Besides that, we’re supposedly in for a blizzard tomorrow. Woo.


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