Circle the Wagons: Day 18

The past weekend was very busy and chaotic, and a bit of a derailment of the liquid diet track.

My family was in town, and we always eat out when that occurs- I also had a bit of shortcomings on my own Friday night when I was out with friends.

I have found that my stomach in terms of appetite has definitely shrunk. I can barely eat as much as I could before I was sick for that week or so, so things have improved a lot on that end.

On the other hand, I am in the process of getting my ritalin meds back.

Now, I am aware of the negative externalities of the medications- so I am taking a different route. It costs way more, but if I get extended release instead of the instant release, the mood swings and so on are not as present if not present at all. I might have to work a bit more, slash have less spending money, but it’s worth it in terms of my academics and efficiency overall.

I work every day this week- so juggling school and rest and that will be a challenge but hopefully I can make it work.


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