Day 13:The Gauntlet

One Day Would Rule Them All

In about 4 hours I will be waking up to the longest day of my life.

This morning I slept through my classes and woke up around noon due to desire of rest for the days to come, but mainly due to a recently obtained illness. My symptoms have not let off.

I began working on my papers at 1PM and here I am at 3AM finally getting to the blog. One is in a rough state of completion, the other will require most of my energy tomorrow night. Tomorrow I have two presentations, a shift at work and a paper due at 11:55PM as well as a term paper worth 30% of a grade due Thursday morning. It will not get any worse than this this semester. I know that much.

I need to get to bed! But will fill in once this week gives me space to catch some air.



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