Day 15: I think?

It’s hard to track days when you end them after midnight

Another day, another story. I woke up feeling absolutely awful. I missed class and called into work. I then took some stuff for my sinuses/head. At about 6 my house had a boat party, and I’m still not sure how I managed to get through that as sick and exhausted as I was. The night went well into this morning, and now it’s 3:10AM. As I write, I’m watching the making of “Inside Llewyn Davis” and it’s awesome. Love the movie but more importantly love the music. It never fails to excite me.

Tomorrow morning we have a philanthropy event for which I have to pick up chairs from a local church at 9AM. I hope to God I don’t sleep through my alarms or anything of that sort.

There’s also a kickball tournament. We’re looking for a stunning W overall. We have a dream team.

Tomorrow night/tonight? Thinking I need to kick back and rest. Perhaps strategize how I’ll prepare for the tests I have this week. Who knows.

(Side note Marcus Mumford is wonderful.. look up Elvis Costello and Mumford and sons, the ghost of tom joad… hot damn it’s good)

Alright. Can’t keep rambling! Gotta rest. Good day minus missing work and class and being sick and exhausted!


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