Day 31: It’s Been a Month

Move Out Day

Some key events on the day…

  1. I got a fitbit! So my exercise, diet and sleep will now all be easily measured on a regular basis, I also just feel trendy now.
  2. I moved out of my fraternity and am currently making the 5 hour ride to Lutsen with my mom. Weird thing about it- I’m unintentionally wearing the same sleeveless shirt as I wore the day I moved on to campus.

Tomorrow begins the first day of a long summer. I’m aiming to lose 10-15 pounds a month, and hopefully withing 4-6 months I can lose the initial goal of 55 pounds. I want to be 200 pounds by next summer, then from there I’ll work on lifting and gaining muscle mass. For now it’s proving that I can weigh that much again in my life. It’s been years. I mean Years.

The road ahead looks rough yet rewarding. For now, I’m getting off my phone to sit back and enjoy a long awaited ride home.


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