Day 50: L-Day+18

Nearly Two Months In…

It has been 50 days since this journey began, and today I will be checking in on each of the key goals I have due for next April, the 15th of 2017.

It hasn’t been full fledged, I have had many ups and downs but with my full time job, my escape from college by living in Lutsen, Minnesota all summer and the opportunity to self-actualize, I am about to hit the gas and have things running like a well oiled machine. The pieces are in place. I have the schedule and the freedom to do any and everything it takes to get this life of mine on a track I take pride and confidence with.

  1. Weight: this has been my biggest shortcoming since this road has been taken. I have gone through spurts of running and not running, and lifting then not lifting for days at a time. This also goes with diet. I’ve had great days, and absolutely terrible days. I blame it on extremities, and will instead start taking the multiple tiny steps in the right direction instead of one or two big steps (i.e running six miles for two days straight or cutting soda for just a week). I need to start making goals more reachable, and start climbing stairs instead of trying to leap for heaven in a single bound- the latter has not worked, exemplified by the fact that I still weigh well, well over my goal of 220 pounds by this next year. First steps? One soda a day. No junk food (i.e fast food, candy, etc. etc.). Running for at least 40 minutes a day. It will be easy to do that type of thing every day instead of trying to build Rome in a day as I have in the past.
  2. GPA: this has gone surprisingly ahead of schedule. I have over a 3.5 as of this spring after a miraculously successful spring semester. I was in my fraternity house, in the spring, and got a fantastic GPA. I… don’t know how that happened. haha.
  3. Not Sucking: this has been my biggest focus. I have done a lot of things to work on this aspect because in the past I have really sucked. When I say “I sucked” I need to explain that to people a little better. I was once told and believe now that the goal in life is to close the gaps between who you are, who you want to be and what people see you as. For me, those gaps were large and it made me hate a lot of who I was. I’ve been a terrible flirt, I’ve had absurd behavior on social media, and I have tried far too hard to make everyone like me as a whole, and it has killed me. This spring, after being inspired by a friend of mine, I have no social media apps on my phone. No more snapchat, no more instagram, no more groupme and no more twitter, etc. I still check Facebook through the browser, but that’s something I simply check yet rarely post on- aka it is not a problem like snapchat, where I made terrible impressions with people (or so I feel), or groupme (where I also feel like I wasn’t portraying myself as I wanted to be seen). Some of these things are checked on my laptop, I.E groupme and Facebook but I have groups such as my fraternity that use those platforms as ways of networking and sharing legitimate information. Because of this, I have had a lot more time to focus on who I want to be instead of who I am trying to be on those apps, and I have also grown closer to my actual friends.

When you delete social media applications, and other social media distractions in your life, you realize who your real friends really are, and that has been the most beautiful part of my spring/summer.

For those who have regularly followed this journey, thanks for the support. I also can’t thank my friends enough for keeping me on this track. I am becoming a better person day by day, and a lot of that is due to my family and friends who have pushed me to really work towards these goals.

Until next time!


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