Discovering the Bellingham Arboretum

Once you enter you begin to notice things. You might begin feeling the peaceful nature of the Arboretum which encourages visitors to walk at a slow pace as they casually enjoy the silence and time to themselves. The area offers winding trails that allow you to get lost in the moment as you wander aimlessly throughout the woods. Giving people an escape from the crowded moments of society as the peacefulness of it gives you the chance to observe nature as it was truly intended. The Arboretum could potentially give you feelings of pure bliss as you leisurely wander about and observe nature at its finest. Whether watching the sunset/sunrise over the forest or watching the exotic wildlife like squirrels and birds, the Arboretum offers calming elements wherever one looks.

How does one find the Arboretum?

Finding the Arboretum is a relatively simple process. If you are facing the north part of campus you turn to your right, If you are facing the south part of campus you turn left. After turning you will probably see a large wooded area. That’s the Arboretum. As you can see it’s pretty hard to miss it from any part of Western’s Campus. After noticing this you can enter one of the many trail heads that will lead you into the Arboretum and you can begin your adventure.

What are some Impressions on the Arboretum?

The Arboretum leaves a varying amount of impressions on people from the moment they enter to the second they leave. The Arboretum being a quiet peaceful forest allows people to just relax and think about whatever it is they want. Whether they want to get their mind off school and just get away from it all and get in a new relaxing head space, or they want to use the quiet to reorganize their thoughts and think of what to do next and plot out their next moves and motives.

Arboretum Benefits!

The Arboretum offers a variety of environmental benefits! It has vast numbers of trees which provide us with clean air that we can breathe thanks to a handy process called photosynthesis. Another hearty benefit of the Arboretum is the fact that trees treat water pollution as their root systems collect contaminants through the water seeping through the soil. Trees also prevent flooding and reduce storm runoff by channeling the rain into the earth around their roots as well as collecting raindrops on their leaves during heavy rainstorms. As a potential environmental science major, this concept is amazing and if anything makes the Arboretum even more of an incredible place.

These fun benefits alone are enough to make most environmental studies majors appreciate the Arboretum, but the rest of you are probably wondering, “Wow that’s cool and all but what am I supposed to do there?” Well Timmy let me tell you! The Arboretum is an expansive area with limitless possibilities as to what to do while there. Here are some examples that I've seen done or have done myself. Hiking, the Arboretum gives all adventurers the chance of a lifetime (if you’ve had a short life and have never taken a walk on a trail, that is) as it offers visitors a multitude of trails for them to frolic upon as they explore the area. Become a nature expert, in the Arboretum there are trees and plants and wildlife like animals and fungi and vampires that one can study in an attempt to get to know nature. Recreation, I’ve heard, but never done, that people often go to the Arboretum to do an array of recreational activities, such as exercising(jogging, running from vampires, and hiking), smoking(whether it’s weed, hemp, vape, cigarettes or crack you can smoke just about anything here as long as you don’t get caught *Winky Face*) and my personal favorite activity that people do in the Arboretum (definitely not me cause I wouldn’t do that ha ha um yeah) is Sex. The Arboretum always seems to be just full of a menage of people getting high and fucking and an overwhelming array of homeless people participating in the act of coitus.

If I haven’t managed to sell you on the wonder that is the Arboretum at this point then here’s a last ditch attempt to get you to visit it. Go. Just go. It’s a fun place why wouldn’t you want to go. It’s part of the Western Washington University experience. It is literally a 5 minute walk from campus, potentially even shorter. The Arboretum is just a nice peaceful place that has a way of making people feel at one with nature and radiates a calm energy that promotes healthy living. So hopefully I’ve made it clear by now but you should visit it, maybe participate in some of the activities I described. Enjoy yourself.

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