Dangerous Liaisons (narrative 2)

Love. Lust. Friends. Family. Diana Blackwell prioritized many things. However this magnificent, supernatural girl valued but one thing above all. Loyalty. It was the one thing she gave to others without holding back, but also the one thing she truly expected to receive in return. Walking down the streets of Avery Lane, Diana had noticed a close ally of hers rushing into an alley, it was Jack. Curious of what might be going on, she followed him. There she saw him speaking to someone so she came closer, and hid behind a dumpster in the alley.

“Diana has grown too strong for her own good”, said Jack to the mysterious figure.

“ I love her, but…but… she cannot be allowed to live any longer”, he tearfully said.

“ The mysterious figure nodded, and said “Consider it done. I will dispose of her when the time is right. I will bring five of my best man to take care of her. Bring her here tomorrow night at 9:00 pm sharp, and… Jack don’t be late”.

Diana has never felt so betrayed. Her heart ached, and as the mysterious figure disappeared she approached Jack.

Tearfully Diana said, “ Hi Jack, how are you?”

“Diana! What are you doing here?!”, said Jack.

Diana wiped her tears away, took a deep breath, and then she spoke.

“Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out? I thought we were friends.

“We are Diana… I… I love you”, Said Jack.

“YOU DARE!”, said Diana. “You don’t love me. How dare you lie to my face. You betrayed me.

“Diana wait…”, Jack said, but was interrupted. With a cold hearted and dead look on her face Diana stared at Jack, she walked closer to him and said.

“ I may tolerate a lot of things, Jack. But the one thing I cannot and will not forgive is insubordination. Now begone”.

A bright light emerged from the palm of Diana’s hands. Jack stood idle in fear, and did not utter a single word. And in the blink of an eye Jack was erased from existence.

Diana left that alley, and as she walked home crying she had flashbacks of the times she had spent with Jack before his betrayal.


“ Hey Jack, remember that time when those 3 thugs tried to mug me, and you rushed to my rescue even though I was a complete stranger to you”.

“Ha ha…yeah. The way I remember it though it was you that rescued me. I was just some goofy guy trying to play hero, and save the damsel in distress. Those thugs gave me quite a good pounding too, and that was when you used your powers for the first time and scared them off”.

“ Oh my gosh, yes. You peed your pants didn’t you”, said Diana while chuckling.

“ You would too, if you saw a girl glowing as bright as the sun”, said Jack while trying to hide his face, blushing with embarrassment.

“ No way”! Exclaimed Diana.” Anyway, that was the first time anyone has ever stood up for me, and I will always be grateful to you”, said Diana while she leaned in closer to Jack. Jack smiled.

Diana thought to herself, ‘ I wish he would just ask me out already’.

*Flashback over*

As Diana was arriving home she felt a presence lurking in the shadows. “ I know you’re there. Come on out”, said Diana. She could not see clearly who it was, but she knew that it was the same mysterious figure from before.

“ Diana Blackwell, out of all the supernaturals I’ve hunted down over the years; you were the hardest one to track down. Since Jack wasn’t answering my calls I knew something was wrong, and I came right away”.

“ You came right away? So the person I saw in the alley speaking to Jack was just a hologram then”, said Diana. To which the figure replied, “Exactly”.

“ Why don’t you show me your face hunter”.

“ Very well. Diana”, said the figure as he walked out of the shadows.

Diana was shocked. The figures voice sounded familiar to her, but now she was sure of it.

“ Why so surprised, Diana? Well no matter. I intend on ending you immediately”, said the figure.

And as Diana tried to relax herself, she said.

“ Looks like today was just not my day”.

“ One betrayal after the other”…

“ Who would have thought the maniacal, bloodthirsty monster who has been hunting down my kind all this time would be you…Dad”.