Chronicles Of A Local ATL Startup [Chapter 1:My Idea, Log 4]

Topic: Initial Finalized Idea Part 2

The last and final reason that helped me to fully realize my startup idea was the experience gained from working with a colleague on his startup. Real life exposure to the startup hustle and vitality not only breathed life into my idea but encouraged me to seek more business independence.

“Entrepreneurs make terrible employees”

Just before the startup bubble officially started my colleague disclosed his desire for entrepreneurism and disclosed his project in making a website for selling event tickets. His devotion and fortitude to make a difference was potent which channeled his path towards creating a successful MVP (Minimum Viable Product). However passion and charisma aside, there was lack of networks, patience and experience. A startup for selling tickets for events is a practical but over-used idea with a high barrier to entry.

“There are no stupid ideas for a startup”

If a startup built has certain factors present, then any idea has an equal chance for success. The important and underlying factors for creating startups are: products/services that people will use, revenue models guaranteed to make a profit in due time, and contemporary marketing strategies to spread the word about the business.

Startup UMM Factors: Usability, Monetization & Marketing”

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