Chronicles Of A Local ATL Startup [Chapter 2:My Product, Log 3]

Topic: Future Business Plan vs Personal Plan

Now I had to revisit the delayed proverbial question, “Should I work full-time or try to build my business?” I was now reaching the point of no return for my startup. Not only had I already purchased the url, but I was ready to invest my own money in building a website. In addition, I already decided to go to graduate school immediately after undergraduate school, so it was imperative that I decide what my future would be after graduate school. Now was the time to make some new plans and decisions.

“To maximize your chances at success go all out in building a business and don’t hold back or wait until later”

Incidentally, my decision to immediately go to graduate school was to prolong my chances for success for Colluide. My most important concern was to build my startup and finish graduate school simultaneously. Ultimately, my position as a student assistant provided me with the utmost networking and research opportunities. With my networks and offer for a promotion to be a graduate research assistant that would pay for my graduate school tuition everything was fitting perfectly for my plan for graduate school.

Consequently, I was able to have my cake and eat it too. I was able to develop myself career wise and was granted more time to continue to build my business in the perfect environment. I anticipated to graduate debt free with money in the bank. Another important goal was to continue building my personal resume, my accounting background was my backup plan if my startup failed. As an entrepreneur, it is even more important to have a college education, it should never be one or the other as they are both intertwined with each other.

“Never let entrepreneurship deprive you of important things in life. Learn to compromise”

To sum up everything, my plans were to finish my master’s degree in one year and then depending on Colluide’s success I will work full-time or continue to build my business. My business plans were to fund the website development myself and build the app later. I had no idea if these were the right decisions… however, after discussing this issue with several mentors it seemed to be the most voted. No matter how high the stakes and obstacles, I made a decision to persevere and keep pushing.

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