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By: Shakar Atlan/Founder/CEO of Colluide LLC

How To Act Successful

In our millennial age a common idea of success is construed as a fusion between entrepreneurship and being ‘happy’. Incidentally, there can be a correlation between being an independent business owner and person content with their life. However, they are not the same, whether you are employee or employer you can achieve success. Truly successful people have reached a level of wisdom and happiness through organically cultivated habits that propel their career and personal life. There are many ways to obtain financial freedom (topic for next article) as well as happiness. This article highlights the habits practiced on a daily basis by successful people. Dive into the millionaire mind frame on how to live a present better life while simultaneously nurturing your future. Develop proactive millionaire habits and see how successful you really become.

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20 Habits Of Eventual Millionaires

Say “No’’ More

The word “No” has a negative connotation of selfishness and lack of willingness to help. For successful people it is a savior and source of salvation to eradicate unnecessary distractions. Workers will never get anything accomplished if they are doing things for others and not focusing on their individual tasks at hand. Everyone is accountable towards their own life and duties; learn to focus on the task at hand. Furthermore, it is an inconvenient truth that not everyone has your best interest in mind. People are naturally self-involved and are only looking to improve themselves. While there is nothing wrong with that, only share your resources (time, money, effort) with people that are deserving of it.

Lastly, the goal of helping people goes beyond doing all the work for them. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed for a lifetime.” In other words, you are not doing a person justice in spoon feeding them; give them the space to learn whether they want it or not.

Be Positive & Loving

The ideal image of a successful person is an individual happy with themselves, their career, and surrounding people. If you want to have nurturing circles then radiate good vibes and it will attract the right people. A stigma exists for good and bad karma in the universe, with good actions good results will follow.

In my experience, entrepreneurs epitomize positivism through problem solving. Businesses that have made it to success are based off an idea to help or improve a certain demographic of people to sell to. Staying positive and always looking for a way to help is a gateway to providing more purpose to your own life. It’s better than wasting time and effort hating on people while they live a prosperous life blissfully unaware of your malice.

Never Be Afraid To Make Mistakes, Try, Or Fail

In their most private moment many entrepreneurs will define themselves with their past failures versus successes. Ignoring the fear of failure is the only way to make attempts to achieve goals. For the common folk, a person that makes mistakes and has many failed attempts are branded by the public as worthless. It will take a strong minded person to own up to their shortcomings and accept that people know your flaws and are now judging you. So what? People will always be looking to criticize individuals that challenge them, it’s human nature. Successful people understand that failure is a rite of passage to better results through learning and hard work. So whatever you aspire to be in life have a plan to reach it, make moves, get knocked down, then get right back up to move forward.

Plant Seeds

Strictly metaphorical advice, but useful advice in making future plans. Conceptually, it is a natural follow up to the previous advice in making attempts for bigger ideas to come. Being an opportunist in capitalizing on new ways to benefit oneself is a prominent way to ‘plant seeds’. Taking time to improve yourself though through simple methods such as networking, reading more, learning new skills, and planning towards a better future are a sign of a higher intellect.

Create A Circle Of People That Lift You

“Birds of a feather flock together,’’ is an expression that illustrates the profiling and matching of personalities. However, it is a profound statement using common known nature animal habits to personify the basic human desire for companionship. What is more important? To have countless people in your life providing no positive stimulant or to have a few people that challenge and uplift you?

My personal standpoint on the issue is to know many people yet only have a few ‘friends’. Having a circle of people that you can trust is easier to manage and easier to gauge for positivism. At some point in your life it will be time for you recognize the dead weights in your life and emancipate yourself from them. Surrounding yourself in groups of successful people will provide enlightenment, opportunity, networking, and a step in the right direction for your goals.

Stand Next To The Smartest Person In The Room

To take having a circle of friends to another level would be character association. In other words, look to challenge yourself by comparing yourself with someone more successful than you. While, you may not become friends with that person, however, you may learn from them vicariously.

Constantly seeking out the alpha male and studying their primary traits is a sign of intelligence and humility. Furthermore, if you can leverage the concept of labeling and networking, then you could parlay their authority to your benefit. Consider the analogy of the mutual relationship between sharks and remora. From your perspective as the smaller remora you are feeding your hunger for knowledge and popularity.

No Excuses

A constant reason for people’s failure is lack of trying. It is common for people to make excuses for things that they doubt they can achieve. Preference is given to taken the easier route and putting down other people that are trying to make it down the path less traveled. Understanding that laziness never equates to success. Change the notion of being normal, be different, and don’t be afraid to fail. Successful people make no excuses, never give up, and lift others up.

Don’t Be In A Rush

“Patience is a virtue” is a principle that transforms the ability to wait into a skill set. Unfortunately, there is a lack of patience among our fast paced society. What ever happened to slow and steady wins the race?

Whether you wish to develop an idea or business, time is needed to fully nurture the concept and process all aspects. Everyone gets complacent and tired of slow moving progress. A millionaire habit is to eliminate unnecessary habits, choices, or distractions in your life. This action allows more direct attention for aspirations, thereby keeping motivation for years to come. For instance, the notion of wearing the same thing is a prime illustration of prioritizing decisions that are important. Examples of millionaires and successful people that practice this act would be: Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Anything worth having will not come over night and is worth working hard for.

Solve Difficult Problems

If you take a minute and think about how millionaire become successful it’s because they became experts and solved a problem that a nation is willing to pay for. This more than likely wasn’t easy which granted them their title of successful/millionaire. Through my personal experience, being a problem solver is a skill that they apply in their daily personal life too. Instead of making excuses or complaining successful people are proactive and look for solutions to issues in their life. More than likely one of the solutions that they devised in their personal life was monetized in mass production.

A healthy habit is to strive for perfection in your life and daily tasks. Living your life in stress will kill anyone’s future. Eliminate difficult problems in your life with deep critical thought and analysis. Just start out by accepting your problem and decide to move from there.

Ask yourself, “How can I make this situation better?” Then continue from there. Maybe one day one of your solutions will earn you some profits.

5/25 Rule

For people that are unfamiliar with the 5/25 rule, it is one of Warren Buffet’s infamous rules of success stating to list 25 goals and only focus on the top 5. For most people this will come off as a simple bucket list and will never truly grasp the genius of this rule. The purpose of the rule is help the user demonstrate prioritization in their life and to separate the main goals from the distractions. Incidentally, this list further adds to the ‘elimination of unnecessary distractions’ millionaire habit discussed earlier by writing it down. Refer to this list on a daily basis to remind you and help separate the goals and distractions in your life.

Write Down Your Ideas

Having ideas for your goals is the first step, implementing them in your daily life is the next and even harder step. Once again there is no rush, making a plan to your goals step by step is the way to go. To begin is by actually recording all your ideas! Intelligent people mind’s are always popping and brain storming about their ideas. Don’t be afraid to be that guy that charges out of bed or the shower to document your idea. A simple purpose in recording your idea is for future reference and to help bring your idea one step closer. Entrepreneurs rarely have everything all together, sometimes they just simply decided to solve a particular problem, slowly developed ideas to do it, and then kept working on them until one of them worked. Consider it a challenge to meet your goals by addressing pressing daily commitments to help build stepping stones. Keep your brain popping with new ideas!

Follow Up

Following up with your contacts is a networking absolute! It is a good practice for socialization and acting in a professional environment. To follow up is to show additional interest in a person or idea and willingness to extend a helping hand. Successful people value the importance of networking and people. They value the uplifting nature that other entrepreneurs provide and do the same to others.

A simple email is the best way to reach out to past people that you have networked with. Keeping it short and sweet is advised; remind them about yourself and the conversation that you had with them. Also, asking them about future endeavors and offering to help are strong characteristics of millionaires.

Ask Questions

How does one obtain knowledge…? By seeking it right…?

A simple yet uncommon habit of most people is listening more and talking less. The road less traveled is to ask more questions and listen more to other people. The whole purpose of networking is to amass and share knowledge and resources. It is in our best interest to listen more in order to benefit from a conversation.

Next, successful people view conversations as a gateway to free information. Information is a commodity; learn to value the significance of facts and recognize the free opportunity to obtain it. Take pride in asking questions about topics that you are lacking knowledge in. Flatter another person by asking their expert opinion on a topic to soak up their knowledge. Just try it, see what it brings you.

1% More A Day & Make Moves

Albert Einstein is said to have called the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe. Consider 1% more a day a big cumulative impact towards achieving your goal. A smart way of thinking is using persistence to increase your output for a solution. For instance, if you are looking to be a tech savvy entrepreneur, but need to learn new coding language. Take the initiative to learn a bit more every day than the day before a productive way to reach your goal. Don’t wait until tomorrow or have regret about yesterday, do it now and continue to push yourself. Just think if you had been doing that how much you would have achieved by now.

Sleep & Value Your Life

Learning habits to de-stress will separate true happiness from misery. To properly mold yourself with traits of a millionaire, a vision of peaceful living should be in mind. Despite your late hours working on your dreams try to get your 8 hours of sleep as much as possible. Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep and the relaxing effect it has on your brain. Next, appreciate the sacredness of life and demonstrate it by taking good care of your health. Eat well and exercise to improve and prolong your life. Exercise and healthy food to nurture the body, it is honestly the mature way to look at life. Plus, what’s the point being rich if you have nothing, but health issues to drain your money and joy away.

Do One Thing Every Day That You Loved As A Kid (Smile More!)

Lastly, re-open your inner child as a method of introducing spontaneity and happiness in your life. Before life took away all the innocence, what was your goal and what things did you enjoy as a kid? Successful people don’t act as kids, but typically use childhood memories for motivation and a source of joy (happy place).

Trace back to your childhood and imagine what the past you would think about the current you? Is the kid- you happy how you turned out? Could you be more fun? Everyone that desires success should have a strong motive. It stems back from childhood and is the key for fulfilling happiness and satisfaction. The kid inside you will thank you if you aim to do one thing that you enjoyed as kid as much as possible. This is a habit for keeping your happiness and identifying your purpose for success to help drive you through the bad times. Do what ever you can to be able to keep a smile on your face on a daily basis, this is true happiness.

Once again success and being a millionaire is not the same thing. Still learning from certain individuals that have impacted our every day lives positively can prove worthwhile. Regardless, if you aspire to be an entrepreneur or a ninja turtle, let’s take the time to learn for them and see how our standard of life improves.

“Money separates the rich from the poor, but happiness separates the successful people from the average people”
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