A devil on each shoulder
Whispering my name

They choose my route
Choose my path
And bury me again

It sinks into my skin
It burns me as I will

For bring me pain
And light a flame
No vacant heart can kill

Quiet now dear heart
Bestil my tortured screams

Rend me again asunder
As I beg for in my dreams

Open wide your eyes
Consume all that you see

You burned me

So burn me

Burn me
Cull me
Bring me home

I will not atone

Tom Colohue

Author’s Notes: This one appeared half formed while I was laid in the bath. I always thought if I was going to get a tattoo it would be my Consume — Revolt — Destroy brand but I must say I’m tempted to get a devil on each shoulder now.

Obviously it goes a little beyond the original tattoo concept but I’m sure you get the drift. The smoothly collapsing style is intentional as the pace quickens and the breathing comes sharper. Hope anybody who reads it likes it. :)

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