Lawn mowing obituary

So I was mowing the lawn yesterday and boy was it a challenge! I first walk around the front yard to pick up any debris so I can mow more easily(Work smarter not harder). Everything looks great in the front yard, so I move to the back yard quickly. As I start picking up sticks and twigs I notice a dirt pile out of the corner of my eye. So naturally I walk closer to see I’m getting myself to. As I walk closer and closer the dirt starts to look more and more like something other than dirt. I’m now uneasily walking over to inspect what this lump is in the yard. I walk up to it and realize I’m looking at a half eaten bunny!

I start crying and running to the house because I’m going to puke! I can’t stop puking and crying right now! I send my boyfriend a picture stating “I can’t deal with this!” I’m laying on the bedroom floor dry heaving and crying and dying! I can’t figure out if I’m more upset about finding this horrific murder scene or that the bunny died! Maybe a mixture of both! Either way I’m traumatized and feel like shit, and need to finish mowing and haven’t any idea how the fuck I’m going to pull this off! 😩😩😩That little guy was brutally attacked and murdered and eaten last night!

His name was Peter Rabbit,survived by his loving wife of twenty years Piper Rabbit and his three children Paul(6),Penelope (4) and Phyllis (2). There will be a funeral on Wednesday September 21st at 8pm.