In recent times we have all seen great examples of fancy colored diamond engagement rings around the famous and rich. Fancy colored engagement rings have been increasing in popularity quite dramatically over the past few years. An all natural fancy colored diamond is generally rarer than the usual traditional white diamond, and will also be reflected within the cost.

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds can vary on price with respect to the actual color, as in pink, black or red, after which its intensity. Along with the more traditional white diamonds, colored diamonds share all of the wonderful properties which make them so well suited for an engagement ring stone.

Fancy colored diamonds are available in more than just pink, yellow, and black. Other colors include red, purple, green, orange, violet, grey, blue, and also the various browns, sometimes known as champagnes and cognacs.

The rarest of the natural colored diamonds is red, accompanied by green. A pink diamond will be more expensive than a yellow. The blue, orange and green will be even more costly than a pink. Black and brown fancy colored diamonds can actually be less costly than their natural white cousins, and can be an excellent choice for those couples wanting natural diamonds with a little color and better good value.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Natural colored diamonds can achieve their colorings from several ways. The green diamonds have been exposed to radiation while being formed underneath the earth’s crust. Natural orange diamonds obtain coloring in the presence of nitrogen and carbon. Blue diamonds generally get their magnificent color from containing boron, with no nitrogen.

Most of the pink and brown diamonds are mined in the Argyle diamond mine around australia. Colored diamonds can also be mined from South Africa, Brazil, and Venezuala.

Whatever the colour of the diamond, the grading system remains the same for pricing. In the lower end of the value scale is the faintest color, moving through to light, fancy, fancy dark, and then the more desirable and valuable being fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid.

Some celebrities with colored diamond engagement rings include Mariah Carey with pink, Carmen Electra with black, and Heidi Klum with a yellow, sometimes known as Canary.

Engagement rings with colored diamonds could be a great way to incorporate colors, from very subtle to intense, while still maintaining the hard wearing properties of the diamonds themselves. Right now, the most popular from the diamond color is yellow. However, whatever your preferred color, there is likely to be a colored diamond engagement ring to match or complement.