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The Evolution of Ignorance: Fake News

“I left the vagueness of his success, because if you don’t see the country’s progress in the past almost-eight years you already don’t care for facts”

This is probably going to be stupid blog, but who cares — you probably already read nonsense if you have social media. It’s too long to post on facebook, and too short to publish. JK, it’s pure garbage and garbage should not be formally published… I’m looking at you conspiracy theorists… ahem.

I think the reason I’m giving myself for writing this is because sometimes my head gets packed with random stuff that I find interesting. Usually observations and realizations, which are part of my maturing and growing up. Welp, today is one of those mornings. Mostly because I slept 4 hours last night and I should be studying for finals, but my thoughts are taking advantage of the caffeinated brain-power that should be invested somewhere else.

I’m taking an introduction to evolution class, and every turn is a mind blowing concept; probably because I’ve never really cared to study about it until now that I’m forced (part of the major). The biggest takeaway I get from this class is the connection we have with our ancestors and with the planet as a whole. You might be a creationist, and that’s ok. Think of evolution similar to creation, minus the great God above using his magical powers and minus the faster-than microwave speed of cooking creation.

Bear with me, this is not a political or religious post — even though I already alienated two groups of people within — but I actually have a point.

Back to the connection to the universe…

Evolution is not just a theory of how we became selfish little people with selfish thoughts and selfish actions, but it tries to explain our connection to the past.

For example, I don’t know the details but it goes somewhere along the lines of: there was only one species of bears many years ago, and then probably a genetic mutation caused the change of pigmentation in one, and eventually we got two bears — a white polar bear and the one that destroyed Leonardo DiCaprio’s face in “The Revenant”. (which btw was an OK movie to watch only once and never again; like Titanic. Whoa!! Two leo movie references) — so now, we have two species of bears that originated from one.

Do you see their connection to the past? (see, it’s not an evolution vs creation post).

Besides evolution, I’m also taking a history class, which is also a requirement for my minor. That class also gives a connection to the past and most immediate history. I think it’s mind blowing to understand that we are not very different from previous generations. Older generations love to hate on younger generations, and that’s ok. It has been that way even when Isaac told Jacob to not be such a hipster and to be manly like his brother Esau.

“Jake, don’t just wear flannels, go out and chop some wood!!!”.
“Dad, I can’t. I have a pedicure appointment and I’m getting my beard trimmed”.

It’s easy not to think of history as just being years away, but also worlds away. But again, we really are similar to our ancestors.

They fell in love, wrote about their love, broke up with their love, cried about their love, got back with their love, broke up again, and so on for about twenty more times. JK. They probably just got arranged marriages. But what I’m trying to say is that they felt love.

They also felt hate. They had their own version of Trump and Hillary. They probably wrote conspiracy theories of her, and constantly degraded her. They probably also had a black president that they despised, mostly because he was black, successful, smart, charismatic, and simply amazing. Shout out to my homeboy Barack. (I left the vagueness of his success because if you don’t see the country’s progress in the past almost-eight years you already don’t care for facts).

Again.. not a political post… ahem.

As I was saying… They also felt passions and desires. They wanted to conquer Europe, prove the earth was flat, hide from dinosaurs, invent penicillin, become rockstars, steal the secret formula for the krabby patty; they even wanted to sleep with their subordinate’s wife, Bathsheba. (I love the pun the bible uses. “Bathsheba was taking a bath”, oh silly Moses being way ahead of his time).

I can’t bear these puns anymore .

The only difference between them and us, is the way we distribute and share those feelings. The tools we use.

We have internet and they didn’t (how did they stalk their ex!?!?). We have nuclear weapons they had sticks and rocks. We have newspapers and facts, and they had word of mouth… (well, I guess you can say facts are useless when you have fake news having bigger audiences than nobel prize winning scientists writting about global warming).

Again, not a political post.

To do any kind of research, hours had to be spent in a library trying to find the right book. But then, sometimes you had to find a stool to reach for it. Other times, you’d only find out someone had misplaced it. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Now, we have GOOGLE.

What I’m trying to say is that we have a powerful tool, and vast amount of knowledge is right at our finger tips, but sadly, many of us use it for the wrong purposes. We must fight fake news and educate those who fall pray of them.

We are not very different from our past, and probably, because the past is part of us. Let’s evolve forward and not backwards.

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