Luxury Shower Panel Series

Colston-LED temperature indicator Turn on the cold & hot control valve to Generate water flow and draw the power generation system of this configuration.

Victor Shower Panel

The Temperature indicator can automatically indicate the water temperature ( Without battery )

Victor Live Shower Panel

You Could turn on the temperature indicator by pressing it lightly. and it can be turned off after bath. users need to put 2 Pcs 1.5 V 5Ni-MH batteries into the battery box of the unit.

Estreno Premium Shower Panel

Thanks to innovative solutions, perfect and individual arrangements can be released against the wall. The Colston Shower Panel Collection therefore gives rise to elegant wellness worlds in the bathroom. For the Ultimate Personality

Florent Luxury Shower Panel

When revitalizing your bathroom, a luxurious shower panel can add unique style, striking aesthetics, as well as creating an indulgent shower experience that you can enjoy every day.

Liver Shower Panel Image

Shower systems provide various spray settings for a more relaxing shower, as well as massage jets and enhanced temperature control, making them a practical as well as attractive choice to liven up your bathroom.