Hanford Cleanup: We Can Do It!

August 9th marks the 70-year anniversary of the devastating nuclear bombing of Nagasaki, Japan. Concentrated plutonium manufactured at the top-secret Hanford site in Washington State powered the bomb — “Fat Man” — dropped on Nagasaki. Today, Hanford is the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere. Cleanup is decades behind schedule and billions of dollars over-budget. We need new leadership and government oversight to protect people, salmon, and our river from Hanford’s nuclear pollution. Sign our petition calling on President Obama and elected officials to turn a new page in Hanford’s history: Clean Up Hanford Now!

Riverkeeper Releases Short film — Hanford: A Race Against Time


Travel down one of the least visited sections of the Columbia River, the Hanford Reach, as it flows past the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Hear first-hand accounts of why failure is not an option when it comes to Hanford cleanup. “Hanford: A Race Against Time” shares stunning footage of the Hanford Reach and unique perspectives from experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Yakama Nation, Washington Department of Ecology, and others about the compelling case for fast, effective cleanup at Hanford.

Why Hanford Cleanup Matters

Hanford’s nuclear legacy poses an ever-present threat to the Columbia River and river communities. You can join Columbia Riverkeeper and others throughout the nation who are standing up and demanding that the federal government clean up Hanford. Our challenge is to plant our heels at the edge of the Columbia River and ensure future generations don’t have to deal with Hanford’s radioactive and toxic legacy.

Learn more at columbiariverkeeper.org.

Columbia Riverkeeper Paddle Trip on the Hanford Reach on July 26, 2015. Riverkeeper hosts this paddle trip annually as an opportunity to educate the public about Hanford’s cleanup. Photo by Sara Quinn.
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