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Glaciers are melting because of CO2? Prove it. The Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland retreated more than one foot per day from 1850 to 1903, while thinning by a “considerable extent.” Was that CO2? Government climate experts say that the period of ice loss from 1850 to 1910 occurred during a period of global cooling, and was the coldest period of cooling on record. In 1908, National Geographic reported that Alaskan glaciers at Glacier Bay retreated eleven feet per day from 1894 to 1907, during the coldest years on record. USGS reports that Glacier Bay glaciers retreated four feet per day from 1760 to 1907. In 1910, it was reported that the glaciers of the world had been retreating since at least 1836. In 1911, it was reported that glaciers in the Alps were disappearing. In 1932 it was reported that the glaciers of west Antarctica had been rapidly retreating for at least a century. Government climate experts claim that glacial retreat is due to global warming, yet their own fraudulent temperature data demonstrates that they are wrong. So, how do we KNOW that what is occurring in Glacier park is ANY Different than these similar events?????