First Web Dev Internship > My Head hurts

So I began my internship in web development for the first time in my life. I am very proud of this achievement because this started as an hobby (HTML,CSS and some alerts) to an actual career prospect, and I study Biochemistry…

Now that I am now hands on in the field, I notice (just on the first day) that the coding environment is much different from my home-alone coding sphere. One being that the tools that are used are either outdated or quite modern. I know I have to spend a few sleepless nights (i am used to this) but I sort of expected a more dramatic entrance feel for my first day.

Luckily the startup I intern at promotes individualism (if i used the term correctly). Although I have to create web products based on the needs of the customer (as explained by the boss of the startup today :D), I am allowed to sort of branch out, and if this branch creates an inflow of customers that could become like my own niche in that company. cool right?…

In the Company I work with Wordpress, JS and basic web tools, but I personally would love to work with full stack JS and some Python projects. So my goal now is to gain alot of “marketing” skills and “product development skills” in the company as well as develop my JS+ Python knowledge. Once I know enough and I have alot of side projects in deck, then I will come up to the boss like

“She is ready”

See ya!