Full-stack development Learning: Stage 1 — Complete

I am writing this, not (only) to inform you of my progress, but a revise what I have learned after a month and half attempt on building a (simple) Full-stack application with React.js

What I have learned so far:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • Express Router
  • Express Sessions ( planning on using JWT tokens in the next project tho!)
  • Server Side Rendering of React Components
  • EJS Templating
  • Mongoose Model
  • Bcrypt for password hashing
  • Authentication using Passport.js
  • Authorization using Passport.js
  • Container and presentational Components
  • Async Actions in Redux (very important)
  • Express middlewares and custom middlewares
  • Mounting a route
  • sharing redux/react store’s state between Back-end and Front-end
  • how to chill when I get an error….
  • sleep…

Normally this project should not have taken that long, however due to googling, errors, stack-overflowing the time-limit was extended.

My major mistake was File Structure

Although I planned in advanced, the file structure kept growing and started looking disorganized. Which is why for my next stage I will consider EVERY component of the application, back-end and front-end..

The following links were used (there are more, but I can’t remember) to understand concepts I did not know.

Alright that is all!

Stage 2 Goals

  1. Design, Design, Design: there are some cool designs I have seen on this platform and I plan to improve my design skills by replicating one.
  2. Solidify my practical-knowledge of full-stack JavaScript development
  3. Deployment

See you after stage 2!

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