Let Me Get Home

Growth” by Charles Salutan on Flickr.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a creative who doesn’t have a familiarity with the mantra:

“Sometimes you just have to do things for the love of it.”

Not being able to depend on your friends and family to support your art (nor understand it) from the get-go is part of the territory.

It can feel as if you’re out there all alone at times, but that’s part of the journey. As cliché as it sounds, I reckon that’s the part that builds integrity and humility.

I’ve recently embarked on releasing a new musical project and I am gaining support slowly but surely. I’m able to actively see and appreciate each and every person who has shown me love on this project even though I’m still in the beginning stages.

Do I hope to be able to reach more people with my art?


However, I want to be able to enjoy this part of growing while simultaneously hoping my growth doesn’t take too long.

Written by Nayokenza Robyn Oliver of Comatose.

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