How I Got Here

Anymore it seems like everyone has a sob story. Everyone has overcome adversity. Everyone has risen to some challenge and defeated an enormous obstacle. Well, I haven’t.

My name is Cameron Lee and my story is not sexy.

You don’t see a lot of stories about the guys who quietly show up and do their jobs day after day after day. Those stories are boring and will put you to sleep. People seem to want to hear about the kid from the broken home or the guy who committed a crime and is on the path to redemption.

Few people will be inspired by the story of a kid from middle class, middle of nowhere America who walked-on at a small school, worked two jobs throughout college, got good grades and a degree. He didn’t get into any trouble and in the eyes of most people, “he didn’t have any fun.”

There were no accolades and there certainly was nothing glamorous about my collegiate career. I showed up every day and tried my best. That was it. It was really that simple.

I didn’t start out as a good football player. I didn’t know from the beginning that one day I would have the opportunity to play in the NFL. In fact, one day a former teammate of mine asked me if I had ever even played football before (apparently I was that bad.) I was on the scout team for the first two seasons of my career. Being a starter was a long way away, let alone, the NFL.

But I showed up. I put in the work. I did the right things, even when the right things were not easy to do. I got up early, worked out when it wasn’t required, spent extra time with coaches learning concepts and schemes, and I completely re-learned how to lift weights. I could go on and on about the sacrifices that were made.

I’m not writing this to prove to anyone how tough I am or how I’m some sort of a hero. I’m writing this to tell people what it was like for me to achieve my dream and hopefully it will help someone else to achieve theirs. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t always a lot of fun, and it really wasn’t sexy.

Truth is, if you really want to achieve great things in this life, it probably won’t be glamorous. More likely it will be difficult, and frustrating, and agonizing, and in the end… worth it.

There was no magic potion for my success. I didn’t get better overnight. It was a long and boring process. But I am yet to find a fast track to success.

Now I’m here, a few days after the NFL Draft and a member of the New Orleans Saints. I achieved my dream of becoming a professional athlete. I did it by following a simple formula. Show up, work hard, do the right things. That is it. That is me. Sexy is just not my style.

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