1 RM Max Starting Line

1 Rep Max is always a good judge of strength. It’s the maximum amount of weight you can lift using only 1 rep. You work your way up, 8 reps at 25% of your 1 rep max, 6 reps at 40% and so on until you know that is that, that is your heaviest you can do without crumbling.

The three most traditional moves for this is the bench press, squat, and dead-lift. You can do it with other moves, but I like to keep it traditional. To go along with this tradition, there is also a club, the 1000 lbs. club that you can see from the video above Hugh Jackman joining. It when you 1 RM of your bench, squat, and dead-lift all add up to 1000 lbs.

I was pretty okay with my starting figures and my current status in the 300 lbs. club:

Caroline: Bench Press 95 lbs, Squat 105 lbs, Dead-lift 105 lbs = 305 lbs

Pablo: Chest/Bench Press 105 lbs, Squat 125 lbs, Dead-lift 135 lbs = 365 lbs

Pablo started out strong, stubborn, and determined. It was his idea to use the 1 rep max system as a gauge and a challenge. He challenged me to meet his numbers next week, while he tries to push toward the 500 club; a smaller club for superhero sidekicks.

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