Both off the wagon

Hi, remember us? That chubby, hah-hah couple. Yikes! Three weeks in and both Pablo and I fell off the Dukan wagon. Hardcore.

The wake up call came yesterday, in the car, at a stop light, on a hot day, with a 7–11 right there. I asked Pablo if he would like maybe just a little ice cream. Without a second thought, he turns into the 7–11 parking lot and soon we are at home, cracking it open.

Pablo carefully reads the label and spoons out exactly half a cup for me and one cup for him. Then he goes into the other room to do homework. Hours later he goes into the kitchen to sneak a bit more ice cream, only to find the carton half empty, and a guilty looking girlfriend.

If there are any of my favorite sweets in the house, I am powerless; it’s bad. I did the same with the ssummer chocolate chip cookie dough he brought home. I didn’t touch the Oreos because, well, those are gross. But yes, mint ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, most chocolate.. yes. Its best not to have it in the apartment. Or the state.

So, today, Pablo and I are both recommitting. We have four more days to be on Dukan and then we can switch. But lets at least end it with some self respect. Finish strong, and not with a tablespoon full of cream and sugar.

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