Injury Delay

Remember Pablo’s awesome 135 lbs deadlift? Well, he sure remembers it every time he tries to get up off a couch, the bed, a chair, pretty much anything that requires use of a lower back.

He took the deadlift a bit far and learned from it. Deadlifts are very good for you and shouldn’t be avoided because you use that motion in your daily activities all the time. Every time you bend over to lift something, you are using your deadlift muscles. So you might as well train those muscles well.

At the same time, working out and lifting weights using the deadlift movement is known for screwing up a person’s back. Its vital that you use proper technique and don’t be a nut with adding too much weight. This is where you have to get to know you body. When you lift and you know while you could go a little bit heavier but you will be in pain if you do is when you stop.