When You Fail

I slipped last week. Instead of feeling that guilt, I woke up this morning tried to remember all my bad food choices, logged them in, weighed myself, and ran 2 miles. Everyone slips, thats to be expected, what is to be learned is why did this happen.

Wednesday was a hell of a day at work. Without going into the boring details, I work too hard for too many hours and some of my coworkers get to me. Now the perfect storm is when I have one of those days at work on a Wednesday and then at night, every Wednesday night, I co-host a comedy open mic at a local biker bar. Comedy allows for you to cut loose with a few drinks and fully supports a mode of “f my real job, lets drink!” Fast forward to me buying the comedians drinks, my boyfriend driving me home, and me waking up at 3am because my body is upset at me.

Thursday I go into work, exhausted from sleeping only four hours, so I buy a cheesy bagel with cream cheese to soak in the hangover and feel terrible. My work gets so busy I have to pull a 13 hour workday (!) and so after work, at 8:30pm, I just walk the two blocks for the Thursday night comedy show nearby where I proceed to drink more out of exhaustion and then, later on, have tacos. You can imagine how little exercise has taken place during this period.

Now from the outside it looks as if this comedy thing is not healthy for me but if we focus on what the main stressor is, its not bombing on stage, its working at an incredibly demanding job. I’m going to spend the next few months looking at this and seeing how it can improve because its this job that has caused me to gain about 25lbs.

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