This Week, 10 Comedywire Writers Can Win One Hour Pro Writing Sessions

Big news, everybody.

This week, 10 Comedywire writers will be awarded a free one hour private creative session with one of TV’s top writers. These writers will pick their winners based on their favorite jokes written on the site during the next 7 days (August 7 to August 13th). Writers include Tom Leopold (Seinfeld and Cheers), Joe Toplyn (The Tonight Show), J.R. Havlan (The Daily Show) and Gabe Abelson (The Late Show).

Want to win a free “sesh”? We encourage you to write often. If you don’t know, these sessions are comedy game changers and you can use them however you’d like: collaborate on a body of comedy work like a stand up set, a specific comedy piece like a sketch, or you can just pick the brains of accomplished writers and gain some general insights into show business.

Sessions will be held for one hour over Skype, or in person depending on where winners live, proximity to the pros, and availability.

Originally published at on August 6, 2015.

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