Dr. Manhattan: Physics don’t apply

Hello, I apologize as I’m still finding my voice as a new writer. So please keep reading and tell me what you think. –Woody

The Watchmen

So today’s hero is Dr. Manhattan, Born Jonathan Osterman on August 14, 1929. Jonathan Osterman was an atomic physicist working on a project with intrinsic fields of objects which caused them to disintegrate. While working before a test he left his lab coat in the test chamber he went back in to get in when the doors to the chamber locked as a safety feature. His coworkers unable to stop the count down or unlock the doors watched as their friend became disintegrated. In the months after those strange events happened around the base, Jonathan was trying to reconstruct himself to our physical realm. When he returned he appeared as the large, hairless, naked, glowing blue skinned man. As a result of the experiment gone wrong he had god like powers when he returned like super strength, telekinesis, and teleportation. With this change it also altered his perception of time. He no longer sees it as a straight line because he lives through the past present and future simultaneously. Although, he can see it all he has no way of changing the outcome of events because it is all predetermined.

Dr. Manhattan is probably the strongest character in any comic. He is practically a god. The only draw backs he has is this lack of emotion and his inability to change the future he just has to sit back and watch. Dr. Manhattan has no emotion but has the ability to differentiate right and wrong. He knows what must be done to help the most people and he does what he can to make that happen even at his own expense. In the events of the watchmen DR. Manhattan sacrifices his name and reputation when Adrian Veidt (a former watchmen) causes an explosion destroying New York City and blames it on Dr. Manhattan. Dr. Manhattan agrees to go along with it in order to save the world from an all-out nuclear war, their goal was to unite the world with a common enemy in order to make world peace. He then leaves earth with a renewed interest in humanity, and told Veidt that he may create human life in another galaxy. Although his faith wavers, I think he ultimately cared all along what happens to Humanity. He was once a human, like his lover (Silk Spectre II). This is one power when you don’t want the bad parts to outweigh the good. Imagine living without being able to die while everyone else does, and knowing exactly when and how they die, but not being able to change it. It’s no wonder he tried to leave humanity behind. I think many of us would.

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