Pink ribbons are for everyone; screening programs are NOT
Samar Nassar

As a Stage IV breast cancer patient I couldn’t agree with you more about “Pinktober” and the misuse of campaigns by the corporate world. More attention should be given to the fact that breast cancer patients only die from metastasis to other parts of the body. Only 2–5% of research funding currently goes to metastasis research. If you stop metastasis you stop death from 90 % of cancers. 113 people DIE every day from breast cancer. That statistic hasn’t changed in 40 years despite all the “get screened” talk. Look it up. Komen is one of the worst breast cancer charities because they spend a huge amount of their money on marketing instead of meaningful research. If you want to make sure 100% of you donation goes to research grants then check out organizations like or METUP. You might also check your research on the pink ribbon, it actually originated as an apricot ribbon by a lady long before Susan G Komen passed. Thanks for bringing this issue to the attention of your readers. It is very much appreciated by all of the metastatic breast cancer community.

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