Coming To Peace “Teardrops of Reflection” ~ A True Story ~ Love, Dating & Relationships

Chapter 1
 “Lights, Camera, Action”

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Could you imagine what people would think if they watched a movie about my life…”? Think of all the key moments in your life, the notable ones… The times that are filled with love, excitement and joy… then the others filled with grief, anxiety, pain and sorrow. The moments in your life where there was a lesson to be learned, a battle to be fought and a new level of understanding gained. The times where you celebrated and the time when you cried and felt like all was lost… When you thought the world was against you and lastly, when it all turned around and you realized the freedom of being able to start a new beginning, willing to work to get back on top again.

Take all of these moments in your life, take out the routine, cut out the monotony of the day by day and smash all of these events together. What are you left with? From your first event to your last, how long does that time period span? Did you take the last ten years of your life, twenty, thirty years or even more? Did you include what is going on in your life right now? Plot it all on a graph… do these events show an incline of your life reaching new heights? Or do they show your life spiraling down, seemingly out of control? To a few of you, I’m sure if you took the time to think about it, what you once thought was an uneventful life, really had some noteworthy things to talk about. But could you really make a movie out of it?

If your life were a movie, what would make people walk out of the theater and say, “That movie was awesome!”? Inevitably, a good movie has a few key elements. The movie draws you in, presents characters that you can relate with, introduces you to an interesting plot, and takes you through a variety of twists and turns that keep you guessing. The movie will generally turn with strong, suspenseful moments and thoughts of disbelief. But overall the movie still maintains its believability that this could actually happen. The movie acts on your emotions, can bring you from feeling anger, to sadness, to laughing uncontrollably, all within one sitting. Well I assure you, though this story has not been written for the big screen, it certainly has all of these elements that keep you wanting more.

So, unlike your life story, this story’s events unfold over three months. How can you tell a story full of impactful movie worthy life events within just three months of someone’s life? Well, meet James. James isn’t like most individuals… It has been said that James at the age of thirty had already lived a life that most people would take their lifetime to live, if not longer. To be fair, we have extended the story a little to be told over a five year period for context. Quite frankly, to just tell you what happened without the backstory would be pretty irresponsible.

So, who is this guy named, James and what is his story all about? James’ story starts out at age 25 and is a rollercoaster ride of mystery, full of twists and turns that keep you guessing and wondering how it is all going to unfold. You can lose your sense of what is up and down, right or wrong, good or bad. But to be clear, James grew up with a strong moral and ethical upbringing. Most would consider him to be on the extreme side of walking the straight and narrow path. In High School, James was one of the most popular kids in school. In fact, he was awarded Most Outstanding Male Graduate of his senior class. Graduated with Honors and was one of the best athletes in the school being awarded 3-time Athlete of the Year and 2- time Academic all American in three varsity sports. Friends would say he is one of the nicest and honest kids on campus and has friends in every click and group. You would be hard pressed to find someone that did not like James or didn’t appreciate what he stood for. In College, James continued his ways as the On Campus Student Government Director.

With as socially influential as James was, you would never guess that he was probably the most introverted kid on campus as well. You would never see James outside of a school sponsored event. He never went to a party. He didn’t drink alcohol or smoke. Never tried drugs and didn’t accept many invitations to hang out with friends outside of school. James is the kind of person that is perfectly content staying home all day. In fact, it takes a huge amount of convincing to get him to go anywhere or do anything that does not pertain to work or school. So how does this introversion affect someone who is known to greatly influence the community in which he resides?

Well, when I said James is perfectly content staying home all day, I did not say that he was at home doing nothing or watching TV or playing video games; that would be out of character for him. A typical day for James would consist of a morning workout, followed by brainstorming the latest new world changing idea that just entered his mind. Then setting up a business model that would fulfill the requirements needed in order to make the idea come to life. James’ ideas were not just theoretical… in fact, by age 25 James had already considered himself an entrepreneur and started 6 companies of his own. He is extremely business minded and knew the one key element to a successful business was people; so many of his business models focused on uniting the community around his idea to grow a successful business.

James is one of those people that that has a super Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.). In fact, when tested in a military placement test his test scores positioned him to be a Nuclear Engineer for the Navy. Though James has a high I.Q. you would often find yourself shaking your head at some of the decisions he made. Somehow the (I)intelligence part doesn’t seem to always transfer to all the tasks he does, leaving you with nothing but the (Q)uotient or (Q)uestion mark and you scratching your head and wondering how someone so smart and seemingly put together can do something so…. (Insert Word Here). Popular word choices include, stupid, dumb, goofy and unthinkable. To shed further light on this, some of his project ideas are considered, and I quote, “out of this world”, “large scale and highly detailed”, “grand” , “amazing if you can pull it off”, “unconventional”, “outside the box”, “free thinking”, “full of heart”, “dreaming”.

James is certainly a rare breed of human. He has a big heart and is well intentioned in everything he does. But it makes one wonder what happens when someone like James is unleashed in society outside the structure of an organization or controlled environment, faced with making decisions in unfamiliar situations that everyday people wouldn’t even think twice about? I assure you, the unthinkable happens… and as you see this made for big screen story unfold, I don’t blame you if you have to put the book down for a few days just to get past the overwhelming and emotional parts. Just trust me when I say, you need to pick the book back up, because whatever emotion you are feeling, I assure you, it will change. I promised you a rollercoaster with twists and turns you never saw coming. Let me paint you a picture of how it all unfolds. I’ll start you off nice and slow… but first you may be asking, how do I know all this stuff about James? It’s simple… James, is me.