Feet Types

I’m actually not that depressed/anxious/just plain whiny today. Yes, today is proof that it can happen. So I thought I’d actually talk more in depth about one of my fetishes. It’s probably the “go to” when someone says the word fetish, even in the normal persons mind. A foot fetish. Although those that have a foot fetish may live for years thinking they are strange it’s actually one of the most common fetishes. I did some research on this years ago, I wish I could remember the article. It postulated that the prevalence of foot freaks is in fact do to the fact that SUPRISE feet are smelly. I know, and water is wet, but hear me out, this smell the other said is full of pheromones and that’s why it’s such a popular fetish. It’s also why some get off on smelling feet, I’m not one of those people, but to each their own. I’ve said some messed up stuff on this blog no stones are getting thrown in this glass house.

I grew up in a pre-internet age so I thought I was a different one for having this fetish, but like i said it is quite common, I have interacted and noticed that even in THIS fetish sub-fetishes exist. Take me for example, the foot has to be in some sort of hosiery, socks, tights, pantyhose, nylons etc. Just bare feet don’t do the trick for me. I once met a guy who was only into feet that were in colorfully striped tights. It can get pretty specific.

I can’t remember the poll, but at one of the many sites/communities I’ve belonged to over the years did a poll or questionnaire and a surprising amount of folks weren’t picky about size or shape of the foot. I think this is where I diverge from the masses. The need for the foot to be in something makes the foot one shape instead of something that ends in 5 (hopefully) smaller shapes. My guess now is that the guys that don’t care if a woman has boats for feet are the guys that are in it for the smell, the guys like me who have a hosiery flavored foot fetish aren’t so much and the shape,…therefore can matter. I found this on the net and I haven’t posted images here before so I hope this works out:

Alrighty, that wasn’t so bad. Four would be my preference, three can be dealt with and two and one get a bit sketchy for me.

I plan on elaborating on this in future blogs unless things get dark again, and even if they do feel free to bug me, I’m always willing to talk fetishes. Especially about MY fetish :-).

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