Message Sent

1:04 PM

Trying to sign into google chat is damn near impossible, kept forcing me into my new blog account, now I’m actually at something called Having to trick google into letting me send a message to my wife an invariably stir up the bee hive.

At any rate, here goes nothing…

I needed to get away.
I’ll be back.
No, I don’t want you or your kids to ever move out.
For what it’s worth, I feel better.
Although my phone took a dive in my //redacted// water, I don’t know if it’s fried or not.
I’ll be home prolly in time for dinner.
If not sooner
Awaiting response.

I guess I am stuck in this account until I hear from her…

No word. Although my internet has stalled out.

I was never able to get my tablet to connect at all, which to be honest is for the better. I, and the rest of my family to some degree or another are addicted to an online game. I won’t say which one, but it’s just like the Facebook games of old. A lot of waiting involved unless you’re willing to pay in game currency to speed things up. I originally started to investigate someone named “Gary” who my step-daughter “met” in game. Turns out Gary was an in game character and therefor harmless, however I kept playing because it was something I could do with my daughter. Team work, share resources. Then my wife got hooked, more so than anyone. To the point where I think it’s about all she gets accomplished while I’m away at work, that along with her tablet based puzzles.

Thanks to our watchful eye we discovered our daughter had left our little group and joined another talking openly with them.

Not cool.

She lost the old pink covered phone which I spoke about in the previous blog which had long ago stopped being used as a phone and more a conduit for the game in question.

I created our own group which eventually even my eldest teenage daughter lowered herself into joining. A short lived golden age ensued. I can remember one weekend when we were all sitting around the living room with our various devices sharing resources updating each other on our progress, sure it’s not dinner at the table together but I shared a look with my wife in which we sort of acknowledged in unison “Yes this is really happening”.

Soon though, despite almost hourly warning not to my youngest step daughter downloaded a bunch of games onto an already faltering aging phone along with a virus.

She has since had to start over and is too low a level to join our group.

My lack of internet has made me rediscover my back up of google songs. Now I write to the sound track of Billy Corgans current incarnation of Smashing Pumpkins “Monuments to an Elegy“.

I’m struggling looking at various ways to make google not think my new blog email account isn’t my default account.

Most annoying.

For now I will sign off.

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