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Remote work is a concept familiar to everyone now. It was a thing long time ago, but in 2020 in became a necessity.

And if you can already work remotely from your home, should you really work only for one big corporation?

Yup, the next thing on your mind is starting a freelancing career and provide services that you know how to do. This is a different level of freedom and possibilities that are opening up now.

To make things tax-efficient and legitimate, you’ll form an LLC. And if you’re really clever, you’ll form your LLC in Estonia (consult with an advisor as it’s always circumstantial). …

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This article was first published at the blog.

Have you checked out the e-Residency official Facebook group?

If you have, you probably know that there’s a lot of noise, promotion, and little quality in terms of conversations.

For six and seven-figure e-residents, there’s little value in this group.

There’s a big difference if you’re just applying for e-Residency and looking for a business idea, versus having a working and growing business. You have different questions, you want to have different conversations, and you need different advice.

Therefore, we decided to start a Facebook group for active, successful, and growing e-Residency entrepreneurs. …

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Once you become an e-resident and start looking into service providers who can help you, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

By now, there are quite a few different providers. Some service providers are focused on concrete geographical markets, and some are focused on concrete industries.

And then, we have providers who do not have a concrete focus at all. Their main tactic is to lure people in with an attractive entry price and provide a “generic” service.

In this article, we’re going to compare Xolo and Comistar. Why Xolo and us? For one, it’s Comistar’s blog, so it makes little sense to leave us out of the comparison. …