Bathroom Renovation: Day 2

What lies beneath…

One of the more “interesting” things about this bathroom was the kelly green tile floor. It was a small 1x1 tile, but it buckled in places, and wasn’t aligned properly. I had somewhat of a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the color and thought it was unique and quirky, but I hated the way it was executed.

I forgot to get a good before pic of the floor, but here’s a shot from when we toured the house with the previous owner’s rug.

As the floor came up, some surprises were found, as any good remodel will reveal. We found an old peel and stick tile floor, as well as a golden flecked floor beneath that.

And let’s not forget the old floor hanging out underneath the laminate in the hallway and closet.

At first glance, it looks like wooden tile.

Upon closer inspection, it’s a popular 1950's era flooring material (the house was built in 1964). This will not be removed, and will merely be covered over again with our new floor — a high quality single sheet vinyl that looks like tile.

Aside from the floor, today also brought some framing. We have a rough out for the new door, framing for the medicine cabinet/mirror, and wiring for the new light fixture and a new outlet! The old half bath had no outlet at all, so although simple, this is a very nice upgrade.

Yay progress!

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