Bathroom Renovation: Day 4

Plumbing, although important, is not very exciting…

But we have plumbing!

The pipes for the new sink location have been run, as well as the lines for the washer.

A little bit of mud and drywall went up today too.

The hole in the wall that was left when the old sink pipes were removed is now a patch of mucky mud. And what used to be the doorway into the bathroom has now been patched on the other side (you can see the ceiling has yet to be done where the wall was removed).

And here’s a preview of what’s to come…

Tomorrow, our oil company comes to relocate the heat pipe. This means turning off the boiler, draining the system, cutting and splicing pipes, and refilling the pipes with water before the heat can go back on.

The projected high tomorrow is 46. That’s the high. When the crew comes at 8:00am, the projected temp is 32. Thank goodness we have a woodstove we can fire up to help keep some heat going!

The heat pipe: Above the floor and below.

And a bit of an even further out preview…

While they have the heating system shut down, we’re going to do some prep work for phase 2, which is the full out basement re-build. We will be converting to electric wall heat for the basement since we don’t want to run baseboards (for various reasons). So these two pipes (that were added to the system by previous owners), will be removed altogether again.

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