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Running multiple Domestic and International websites by CommerceUp, a module, it is one of the most flexible e-commerce solutions for both websites and mobile applications. It gives you the structure that you need for your online store without setting preamble and assuming your business requirement.

Below are the comparison of all the features and finest things related to the services provided by the CommerceUp and Magento, whereas CommerceUp provides the free trial plan and Magento doesn’t. Please have a look on below data as well:


Having a site running on CommerceUp and familiarity with the CommerceUp features and functionalities would make your life easier in learning how to use CommerceUp. …

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The hottest topic of discussion worldwide: Corona COVID-19, with cases reaching near 1071 in India as, on 29 March, there is panic, isolation and lockdown being observed in many states. In this light e-commerce has been badly affected, and numerous questions and confusions being framed in the minds of online retailers. Here I have tried to answer the most common question, “what to do now”.

Big risks for an online retailer:

1. Chinese Products fear

Customers are being very sceptical about products with tag “Made in China” on, although the suppliers are not suffering from epidemic the public’s fear had mixed up with Chinese products being avoided. …

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Currently the topic of COVID-19 is dominating the country. Cases are increasing day by day. All the offices and schools have been closed. The question arises how will e-commerce business cope up in this situation?

How did this virus begin?

Dr. Li Wenliang in December 2019 had a viral disease at the Wuhan Central Hospital which had similar symptoms to SARS pathogen. Currently, the whole world knows the pathogen as coronavirus, which has been declared a national emergency.

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a type of respiratory illness. It shows various symptoms as cough, sore throat, fever, and cough. This can worsen the situation and you would feel difficulty in breathing and pneumonia. …



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