How to stay ahead and grow in E-Commerce race?

There have been some major enhancements in online e-commerce stores over the past couple of years that have positively affected consumer shopping habits. In this busy lifestyle people love to shop online and stay updated on the latest trends. The ability to be able to shop at any time and from anywhere has boosted e-commerce industry. It was the opinion of industry experts that this is simply an evolution for small period of time but with the ongoing demand for online stores pushing the billion dollar sales figure, we can easily say that it indeed is a revolution.

It is natural to be have zeal to participate in the e-commerce race. But to win this competition, you need to have some tricks up your sleeves. If you are contemplating the launch of your own online store or want to know from where to start and are confused about how to boost traffic, let us give you some suggestion as to how you can acquire this without blowing up a fortune.

a) Marketing: Think about the end in the start

When you think about starting an e-commerce business, marketing is usually not the first thing that comes to your mind and that’s genuine but the key to being successful is having a low enough customer acquisition cost which can be profitable on the initial sale. You see, many e-commerce companies actually lose money on the first sale and think of it as a loss but it relies on repeat purchases which

eventually become profitable.

Analyse where your customers are going to & come from, how much it will cost you to acquire them, and whether you can be profitable on that initial sale. The most popular marketing methods for e-commerce include Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Programs, Banner Ads, Comparison Shopping, Public Relations, and Social Media.

b) Perfect the online shopping experience: Because service can make or break you

Just imagine, online shopper visit your website and what he sees is overly complicated website displays, confusing checkout processes, unresponsive mobile sites and other challenges. They will shift to a more user-friendly competitor. So if you want to be in game, you should have user friendly responsive website design and your own easily customised mobile app.

And we understand it can become complicated for you to manage and that is why there is a new concept of Omni Channel commerce. It brings all the features together and allows you to connect each and every one of your channel for hassle free view for you as well as your shoppers.

The ultimate piece to your puzzle is appropriate analytics so that you can keep up with your shopper’s need and measure success. Appropriate tools to fix right pricing for your products, identify your niche customer segments, see what are your customer’s touch points.

CommerceUp is one such solution to all your needs. We understand the current trends in e-commerce market and can provide you the robust platform. We help you relate to your customers in a way that they feel connected to your brand in every aspect and you will be all set up to be in e-commerce race.