How to have success with your idea?

Follow your dreams

Recently i realized that in order to have success in my life and achieve my goals of having a successful business is to follow my dreams and not what others say about them.

Why you ask?
Well, I’m a dreamer and I’m also a designer which means I have a big bag of crazy ideas for startups and business plans that have never seen the day (yes, i know how to write a business plan).

Every now and then i pitch my ideas to the people around me and my family to see what they have to say about it. That turned out to be a big bummer for me, since almost everyone of them told me to abandon my idea and work for someone else instead for myself. You see the fear of other people failing has lead me to have this bag of ideas which has not been used so far.

Let me tell you a bit more about the pitching that i did to my friends and family. I live in a small town named Tetovo in a country with a lot of history called Macedonia. Starting a business here is not a something that people are very fond of, since we have a lot of inspections running and getting started is a bit more complicated. However, people are always willing to try something new, or something that is out there in the world but not here yet. For example i had this awesome idea of opening a book cafe a place where people can have some coffee while offering them some cakes and a good music so they can read a book. Books would be offered from one big stand which will hold the most interesting books ever. Also, there would be an inspiration corner where you can get some paper and write down stuff that you got as an inspiration while having your coffee (i know i have them a lot).
On this idea i got sacked by my family, and some of my friends (part of them actually want to open this thing with me). How you ask yet again? When i pitched to my parents they started talking to me how there are no money to invest how that would be a bad move, and inevitably that i would fail epically. My friends on the other hand where an added bonus to the story. As soon as i pitched on them my idea, they started telling me how people will not come and that i will loose job in a matter of months.

I still have my idea with me, the other part of the people that were with me helped me realize that my idea is my and i can make it happen if i believe in it. Which I do.

Believe, and you can always make it happen. I know I’ll make my idea happen some day, as soon as i collect the necessary money to start with my idea, and I’m already half way true.

Believe that you can do it, and your idea will see the day light eventually.
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