Commit Network rebranded to Persistence

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Commit Network is being rebranded to Persistence.

Commit Network underwent an intense phase of ideation, followed by rigorous development and several iterations before achieving real-world usage and integrations. Along the way, there were challenges of all kinds — technological and business-related.

The team behind Commit Network came together by what they feel can only be described as ‘destiny’. The team persisted against all odds to bring this project to fruition.

A key point of contention, however, within the team was around the name — although, Commit is a phrase that is synonymous with the developer community and the team is extremely ‘Commit’ted, the team felt that it was not unique enough a name that would allow the word Commit to only mean Commit Network.

After prolonged deliberations, debates and discussions, there was only one name where there was unanimous consensus as to what this ambitious project should be called.

Commit Network is now Persistence!

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Commit Network is now Persistence.

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