Boston Real Estate: Now showing: Igloos

If you’re looking for the ultimate in modern living, come experience Boston’s latest breakthrough in micro-home construction — the snow bank igloo. Situated along the most beautiful streets in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, and, well, everywhere really, now you can have the address you’ve always wanted.

Made entirely from locally-sourced products from the snow to the snowplow labor, these units are sure to satisfy even the most liberal of Boston liberals. Featuring 9-foot high ceilings, you won’t feel cramped in your new digs. But speaking of digs, you’re responsible for digging out your own living quarters so bring a shovel on move-in day.

If, after moving in you discover your unit is actually smaller than you were anticipating, just be patient. We’re expecting another storm this weekend.

The deposit for an igloo is the same means by which we reserve parking spots in the Hub. Simply place a lawn chair in front of your snow bank/new home and breathe easy knowing this gives you the right to punch anyone in the face who tries to take it. In your case, this is what we in the business call a double bonus, as now you’re partly furnished.

The price of construction for these new homes has last been quoted by the mayor at around $36 million. In other words, the city of Boston is going broke because of them, so we need your rent money. Or, if you’re good with a shovel and your motto is “have snow-blower, will travel,” play that up on your rental application. (You may be able to work out a discount, kind of like an Artist-in-Residence.)

Note: First come, first serve. Units are seasonal.

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