Figuring out Common Culture’s End Game

We’ve been busy bees for the past few months and we’ve got plenty of updates on our progress, but for now all we’ve got for our readers are two announcements, two gives, and two asks. We are also going to attempt to answer this pesky question about ourselves before the end of the post — about what it is that we’re trying to accomplish here — but no promises!


Common Culture is proud to announce that our team will be a part of the first Hive Effect cohort of the Rio Grande Valley. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Grindstone Coworking, Edinburg Economic Development Center, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the Small Business Development Center, Edinburg Chamber of Commerce, and the SCI Women’s Business Center, Common Culture has received a scholarship of $3,700 and access to trainings and mentorship that will assist us in further developing the Common Culture concept. We will be putting our heads down and grinding things out at the Grindstone for the next 6 months and we can’t wait to hit the ground running with this group!

Common Culture just came back from New York City after spending a week amidst an amazing group of invigorating and imaginative Positive Thinkers and Change-Makers out to make the world a better place for everyone. This group of people were the Starting Bloc Fellows — a fantasy dream team that Common Culture has the honor of being a part of now that we’ve gone through the initial 5-day institute. Common Culture is now a part of the larger SB Fellowship of roughly 3,000 fellows stationed all around the world. We are excited and proud to be a part of this community and look forward to the opportunities that our new friendships will bring. If you are working in or thinking about the social impact space and interested in experiencing the magic that is Starting Bloc — please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to connect you to the group!


We are diving head first into USER CENTERED DESIGN and figuring out our PURPOSE — here is the curriculum we are focusing on as a team and some reading materials that have been helping us along the way:


WHAT IS YOUR END GAME Stanford Social Innovation Review Winter 2015



  1. Common Culture is organizing our second city event in Alton, Texas. The date is set for October 15th and it will be a Dia De La Raza Fest celebrating the holiday Dia De La Raza, Day of the Races, traditionally on October 12th that celebrates the heritage, colonization, and cultural diversity of Latin America. We are still looking for partnerships and collaborators for the event, so if you’d like to join our City Event Team or collaborate with us WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
  2. We’re taking blog suggestions. We want to make two lists, 1 of all the bloggers in the RGV, and 1 list of bloggers focusing on User Center Design Models. If you know any blogs that we can add to our lists we’d love for you to share.

SO WHAT IS COMMON CULTURE’S END GAME? — We‘re not sure yet, we’re still just figuring it out, but things are sure getting exciting down here in the border. We are a social enterprise concept and we’re out to make US-Mexico border towns —starting with the Rio Grande Valley — places of growth and innovation driven by collaboration with business and government partners from both sides of the border.

Estamos trabajando por un mejor futuro para todos and we invite you to join us for the ride!

❤ Sending love from the design lab bringing you Common Culture ❤

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