The Carnival: A Red Tape Robot Invasion & Our Dam Infrastructure Problems

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The Carnival is where we’ll share our thoughts on the latest headlines and happenings from the funhouse that is our modern government. Strap yourselves in and let’s get to it.

Bureaucrats: Innovate or Welcome Your Robot Replacements

  • Treat public workers like professionals and they’ll rise to the challenge. Treat them like box-checkers and that’s what they’ll be. Jane Black reports on one local school lunch bureaucrat who “outsmarted Jamie Oliver and pulled off an honest-to-god miracle in one of America’s unhealthiest cities.”
  • Yet another reason for bureaucrats to stop being box-checkers and starting using their minds — Bloomberg View reports that the robot hoards are eyeing their jobs.
  • The top ten states in the U.S. are more innovative than every country in the world, save Japan. When folks say they want government to be run more like a business, we think that’s what they really want — a government that gives officials and citizens the freedom to get creative and solve problems.

All This Dam Infrastructure Isn’t Going to Fix Itself

  • Germany’s wind and solar electric generation is state-of-the-art. Their electric grids? Not so much and therein lies the problem. (The U.S. isn’t one to talk, what with our D+ electric infrastructure.)
  • Red tape creates strange bedfellows. You know there’s a real problem when developers and environmental groups are under the covers together calling for change in how we build infrastructure in this country.
  • It may not be politics or social pressure that stops Trump’s 2,000 mile wall along our southern border, but rather permits and the Army Corps.

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