On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Color me “refreshed” and impressed!

I was interested in Medium, as a platform, at first, but I quickly found most of the content to be typical, eloquent-sounding, but in substance, the usual Leftist blather, written so as to ignore or omit inconvenient truths, (a lie by omission is still a lie; ask any lawyer).

I read your piece pensively, waiting for the HARD Left turn… but it didn’t happen… Your piece was startling in it’s brutal honesty (considering the platform especially!), so major kudos to you (and Medium!)

As one who has had the unmittigated gall to have an opinion different from those on the fevered and feral Left, I have been unfriended, vilified and verbally sodomized, not so much because I had an opinion hostile to theirs, but because I could defend it.

Ms. Smith, you can count on me following you… You got guts!

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