Belize 2015 — Trip Update

We’ve wrote and advertised on this blog and our website that we were planning a trip to Belize in 2015, we wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update.

We’ve spent the last few months plotting and planning the Belize trip, lined up some great partners, networked with local schools. We had loads of inquiries and interest in the trip, but many of the potential participants were unable to obtain the needed funds in time to allow us to fill the 2015 trip.

With a heavy heart we are going to postpone the Belize trip at this time. We’d like to thank all our partners in Belize and those Volunteers who showed interest in the Belize Expedition.

Moving forward, we’re actively planning and networking for our next expedition in the US Virgin Islands as well as Belize for 2016. We will be releasing our trip details in the fall.

Thanks for following along and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. Check out our website at commontides dot org and this blog for more info.


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