‘Do Not Mistake Barking For Biting’. A plea to my friends to help save the Labour Party.

How then does the labour party differentiate itself from the parties of the right? How does it differ from the Conservatives or UKIP? You are advocating taking the electoral battle to the crowded right of middle ground where labour repeatedly get beaten by a more ideologically consistent conservative party or a more radical UKIP.

At the same time the Labour party is condescending towards it’s “core support”, those who believe in tax and spend, the re-nationalisation of industry, re-distribution of income. These abandoned labour voters are moving on, and sad as it is to say, when the various coups and backstabbing of Corbyn eventually succeed, these voter will leave in droves, leaving the Labour party fighting for this crowded right of middle ground without the left leaning support they have come to depend on.

You quote Kinnock saying that ““There is anger in this country at the devastation brought about by these last six years of Tory government”, well for many the anger continued, there was no discernible difference between those Thatcher years to the Blair/Brown years following that or the Cameron/Clegg/Cameron era we are still dealing with.

Corbyn has many faults (largely in poor media and image management (a.k.a. spin; which the voters love so much), but at least he is different, perhaps we should be able to give this a try, see if this mythical non-voter could be persuaded to vote, see if we can convince the recent UKIP joiners that there is a new “Alternative” to traditional elite politics, see if a re-energised left could be brought back to the fold in Scotland. Alternatively we could continue with more of the same, find a more charismatic Brown, the other Milliband and see if they can convince the electorate that they are right wing enough, that they will continue the policies of austerity.

I for one hope we try something new.

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