Dear NBA, Stop fixing playoff games.

Adam Silver,

I don’t know why you think that you need to fix NBA playoff games. It’s become abundantly clear that your referees have been instructed to ensure the Oklahoma City Thunder win the title this season.

I say that because you guys publicly admitted to sodomizing the San Antonio Spurs on what, 5 or 6 blown calls at the end of games causing the Spurs to lose 2 of the 4 games. Next series, Game 1, your referees do it yet again.

One time, it’s an accident. A second time, it’s a coincidence. Three times for the same time in one playoff run? That’s a fucking pattern. I am confident you made the deal with the owners sometime ago. When you move from a big population that’s financially desirable like Seattle to cow-town Oklahoma City you must win or it’s a dead franchise.

If KD and/or Westbrook bounce out of OKC, that franchise is dead within 5 years and looking to relocate within 10 and god damn if it’s not walk year for KD and Westbook is up the following. It’s now or never. To get KD to stay, he has to win or he’ll go to the Spurs or the Warriors — somewhere he can win a title. If he goes, Westbrook will go to the Lakers and the Thunder will be relocating again within 10 years.

I ask how dumb do you think fans are? The Spurs should have protested the series. You literally gave them 50% of the wins. Thunder had to win 2 out of 7 to move on. I say that blown call changed the game tonight because it forces GSW to foul a premier free-throw shooter making it a 2 possession game with almost no time. If you don’t fuck it up, it’s a one possession game with the game’s greatest 2 3-point shooters of all-time. They don’t have to foul, and the whole complexion of the last minute of that game goes differently.

If there is one more blown call in the playoffs at the end of the game that gives the Thunder yet another win I call for every basketball fan to stop buying tickets and demand your removal. If the Thunder can win on their own merit playing hero ball, then let them. You cannot just give the Thunder a title to save a franchise. In the NFL they talk a lot about protecting the shield. You’ve done nothing but embarrass it.

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