Donald Trump’s Supporters are idiots.

Supporting a Presidential candidate is a tricky thing, particularly early on. It’s fun to pick the wild car candidate. The one who is the most entertaining is easy to root on early. At some point, common sense must prevail. Logic and decorum must prevail. We must have a minimum threshold of what we are willing to accept from a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

I say his supporters are idiots because they’ve failed to do this. They’ve created this bizarre Us v. Them ideology they rally behind. They have put blinders on to the candidate himself. All of their manifested frustrations, beliefs, and longings are being thrust upon him like an empty vessel. These zealots are completely blind to the man himself. I suppose it’s what would happen if you became too close to the Sun. It’d sort of swallow you whole.

It’s beyond comprehension the support for a candidate who has proven dozens of times over he has no fucking idea what he is talking about. Let me word this in a way similar to how Donald Trump talks to his zealots. Bad ideas. Small brain. Not smart. Very dumb. Is that clear and simple enough? Jesus Franklin Christ. His supporters are so fucking stupid he literally talks to them on an elementary school level.

Don’t worry. I know, Donald knows big words, the best words because he went to an Ivy League school. He has big brain. He knows the smarts. I mean, seriously, read what the fuck I just wrote. That’s literally how this moron talks. You guys want this clown to represent us to the world when he cannot string together a few compound words together? For Trump supporters reading this:

A compound word is a combination of two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning. There are three types of compounds: Those written as single words, with no hyphenation, are called closedcompounds — the word “flowerpot,” for example.

He isn’t self-funding his campaign. He also isn’t seeking major donations from the powerful elite. It’s not because he won’t take their money (he has admitted dozens of times on television he will take money from anyone) it’s because they won’t give it to him. He wants you to flip the bill because he doesn’t have the money either. He is a fraud. He isn’t a billionaire either. You can’t just decide your name is worth billions of dollars, so it is. Moron logic.

He has this weird habit of doing interviews because he does ratings and gets destroyed. Every time this clown gets destroyed for being an idiot he gets his panties in a twist and cries “stop asking me gotcha questions!” Well, I mean, everything is a gotcha question if you’re an idiot. Donald J. Trump is a fucking idiot so I guess don’t ask him questions?

He was asked if he knew who a General was in the Middle East. I readily admit I didn’t recognize the name, even after given a clue by the host I still don’t. Trump says he knows who it is and says we need to support them better. Except, the Host informs Trump that this General was on the opposing side and is our enemy. Trump states the wrong ethnic group of the group side and throws a temper tantrum. It’s not fair, that was a gotcha question! Well Donald, if you don’t know who someone is maybe you just stop pretending — read lying — and coming off like a moron. But no, he is right it’s always someone else’s fault. He then declares he doesn’t know the difference between Hamas and Al Qaeda or any other group, but after he becomes President he’ll know more than anyone ever because he knows big words and he went to an Ivy League school. Guys, that’s the logic of a moron. That’s what you say when you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

A real Presidential candidate would have done their homework this deep into a campaign and have a good idea on foreign policy and the major players in the most hostile region in the world today. It’s easier to do this of course if you actually hired real advisers with real experience. Donald Trump only has 1 adviser with any real experience and that’s his comms lady. Take a serious look at the rest of his team. Losers, all of them. There isn’t a successful campaign among that entire group. Not in the Senate. Not for VP. Not for President. His advisers are completely clueless. He has insulated himself with “yes men.” So he isn’t learning anything about Foreign Policy. I know, that means he has a fresh outlook. No, no it does not. If it does, I need a Nobel Peace Prize in mathematics because I don’t know shit about it so I have a real fresh outlook. See the flawed logic you guys are exerting on him?

He advocates committing war crimes. Killing children. Torture. Treating women who exercise their reproductive rights as criminals. Has absolutely no idea what nuclear proliferation means or really any military strategy. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea why we have strategic bases around the world. He advocates giving up our strategic bases in favor of having more countries with nuclear war heads including our arch nemesis. But it’s all going to be okay because negotiations. He claims to be this great negotiator but is deathly afraid of a contested convention which is literally one big ass negotiation. If he was such a prolific negotiator he should walk into Cleveland the most confident MF on Earth. Surely he can wheel and deal himself the nomination, right? Why is he crying like a bitch about delegate rules that have existed since any of us were born? Because he is a shitty negotiator and knows it.

If you call him on all the racist and misogynistic shit he says, it’s an attack from the liberal media. It cannot possible be just the shit he says is racist and misogynistic, right? That possibility is impossible.

Want to see something fun? Leaders lead. A good leader accepts all the blame when things don’t go right. A good leader gives credit when things go right. What does Donald Trump do? He is the smartest guy ever with the best words when things go right. If something goes wrong, he lies about it, pretends it didn’t happen or blames someone else. Great leader.

You know what you want in a leader? A pedophile. Donald Trump was describing his infant daughter on Life of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach and discussed her sexy legs and what kind of beautiful breasts she would have. He also talked about fucking his daughter Ivanka nearly in those words. That’s gross. If you deny that’s gross, you are probably also a pedophile.

Other key qualities in a leader? Pettiness. I really want a President who is super petty. I want one that advocates weakening the first amendment so I can sue more people who hurt my feelings. I want one that proclaims all over the place how petty he is. I want a President that advocates violently and viciously attacking anyone relentlessly if they question you or point out something bad about you. Cool. He didn’t support Putin and his killing of journalists…oh shit he did. He is just treated so unfairly. Poor Donald.

I am not even going to talk about the racist and misogynistic things he says and does. The hypocrisy which is every word that comes out of his mouth. Instead, I want to point out the zealots who somehow think he is one of them. You golf at a Trump resort? What’s that membership run? Where does he hold all of his speeches at? His resorts that you can’t afford to get it, cool. He went to an Ivy League school and never shuts up about it despite all of the other candidates also having attended these schools. You go to an Ivy League school? If you did, would you be the douchebag who never stopped reminding everyone? No. Cool. Do you tell people constantly how much money you have and how great you are? No? Because that’d make you a big fucking douchebag, right? Cool. So yea, I mean you guys are all virtually the same. He works with his hands in a blue collar job, right? Do you think Donald has ever ridden a tractor? Me neither. Think he could tell the difference between a Philips screwdriver and a torx screwdrver? That’s a gotcha question, right?

Donald Trump has nothing in common with you. He has nothing in common with me. I mean, if you’re a racist and hate women I suppose you could have that in common but I think it’s only fair you acknowledge that’s what you have in common. He isn’t the champion of low income people. How can you be the champion of low income people when you refuse to take a smaller cut from the various businesses to pay his own lower income people more money?

If you refuse to ignore reality and you project your own bullshit on him and are hellbent on voting for him. You’re a fucking moron. You should probably be sterilized because that kind of retardation doesn’t need to be replicated.