ACD Gets A New Look!

Flat, Simple, Clean

by Patrick McDonnell

The Association for Community Design (ACD) just got some new digs! We’ve updated our logo and are starting down a whole new path of blue and white.

Why The Change?

ACD is a volunteer Board that changes from year-to-year-to-year. In an effort to build cohesion across Board Member appointments we’ve decided to nail down our look (user interface) with some design standards to create a cohesive aesthetic for the current and future Boards.

With the change, we are also anticipating how ACD will evolve with the growth of digital technology — we’re trying to future proof it.

We realize that these days folks’ primary source of interaction is through smart phones, so we’ve adapted our design to fit the mobile interface and the various profile pic shapes, namely circle and square.

What’s Changing?

The major change in our logo is the departure of the half blue, half grey format. We want to present a simplified, clean look that is instantly recognizable and can work on multiple platforms.

The simplified blue and white design falls in line with the new “flat” design movement that tech companies like Apple and Google are pushing forward. With the release of Apple’s Yosemite OS (Operating System) coming in the next few months, we’re also taking their cue on official font. Like Apple, we are adopting Helvetica Neue across the board for our new user interfaces.

We expect to keep refining our blue and white schema as well as our Helvetica Neue look. We’re also looking to adopt more icon-based, Noun Project feel.

Here’s one last look at the our old logo.

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