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It is important to understand that when you write blogs it doesn’t matter how popular your blog is. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you are currently getting to your website. Blog posts will help make your website better and help increase your traffic, from wherever you’re getting your traffic from. Because you’re going to be creating blog posts people want to actual read.

Write as much as you need to write to keep your point across in the blog posts. Whether you try to entertain people or whether you try to teach people something or demonstrate something. Make sure that the writing that you do demonstrates or gets your point across to your audience. If it only takes 300 words to do that then that is fine. Make sure that the person who is reading the blog post fully understands what you are teaching. The blog post doesn’t have to contain two or three thousand words, but if it takes that much, do it.

Always write for the people first and the search engines second. You will have better results that way and the search engines will still pick up what you’re doing and like what you’re doing. What you want to do is make sure you researched your topic, know what you are talking about. Know what you are writing about and use sources like Wikipedia or use your own knowledge at the time if you are in a niche market, like a hobby or on something you already know a lot about. You might not even need to do any additional research as you already have all the knowledge.

Images are also an important factor within blog posts. The great thing about images is that you can take those images and share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. Get them in front of people and guess what, you’re going to extra traffic from that. You can for example use our new startup > for captivating images to use with your blogs.

Next is the title of the blog post. The title is something that catches the reader’s attention and it should be unique. You can simply write something on your blog, you can basically write anything for your blog post. But if you could take just the keywords that you’re trying to rank for in the search engines and put that as your title. What we suggest you do is learn how to use headlines, structure some better looking headlines and the style of your keywords in there so you are not missing out on the search engines.

Blog post tips

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Originally published at on October 23, 2015.

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